Erik Hartley

Erik Hartley’s songwriting is intriguingly different than most. He often expresses a type of cynical optimism at the sour end of a relationship. From this mindset he creates powerful music and complex lyricism, illustrating scornful stories that maintain a conflicting romantic atmosphere. It becomes an auditory contradiction of emotion that illustrates the confusion we can all feel. The music blends those emotions into something real and tangible that allows the listener to immerse themselves into their own perspective of each story.

You can hear the Detroit influences of Motown, blues, and funk in all of Erik's melodies despite their more traditional categorization as a rock band. And while every song has its own reflection of these genres, the essence of songwriters from the 1960's and 70's is always present in both the music and lyrics.

Developed through years of writing and performing, Erik has begun to expand his style with the help of gifted friends and musicians, reaching an ever-growing audience to countries across the world.